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USS Chillicothe-A - A proud member of the writing group.


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USS Chillicothe, NCC 6039-A

Begin Log

StarDate: 140406.00
Commander Vincent Chasseur recording.


Our mission to prevent the Heinlein-Class Battlecruiser known as the USS Chillicothe from remaining in the hands of the terrorist organization calling themselves the "Maquis", who stole it from under us with help from sleeper agents on board, was, technically, a success. Given that our mission was to either recapture the Chillicothe or destroy her, our fulfillment of the latter would indicate that it was. However, it appears we have lost Lieutenant Chi Tianha and Ensign Sal Endos, along with four other crew, during the battle. Morale seems especially low on board right now.

Currently, we are operating a refitted Steamrunner-Class frigate called the USS Charlottetown, which was loaned to us by Admiral Remington to carry out the aforementioned mission, and are heading home to Starbase Gabriel at best possible speed.

However, it seems that we can not actually get too close to our home port right now. Apparantly, three other ship's Commanding Officers, as well as the admiral herself, have been captured by a group called 'The Orion Syndicate'. We've been ordered to remain outside of Gypsy Fleet space until the situation is resolved. They don't want to risk letting the Syndicate getting their hands on another starship captain.

As we are a long distance from home anyway, I have ordered that we continue our course to Gabriel. I will monitor the situtation regarding the Syndicate closely, and make any necessary decisions when it is prudent.

Now, it appears that we are receiving a distress call from another starship, only a few light years off of our course. Ops reports that we are the only ship in range. We're changing course to intercept and assist, if possible.


End Log
Last updated Sunday, May 5th, 2002.
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