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USS Chillicothe-A - A proud member of the writing group.


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USS Chillicothe, NCC 6039-A
Primary Hull

Deck One

Captain's Ready Room

Deck Two
Wardroom/Observation Lounge
Senior Officers Quarters
Department Offices
Port/Starboard Nacelle/Primary
Hull Phaser Arrays

Deck Three
Forward Dorsal Tractor Emitter
Forward Dorsal Phaser Array
Officers Quarters
Holographic Command Center
Transporter Rooms One and Two
Science Labs

Deck Four
Crew Quarters
Transporter Room Three
Counsellor's Office
Medical Labs
Chief Medical Officer's Office
Anti-Matter Flow Pods

Deck Five
Cafe Nervosa (Crew Lounge)
Personal Holosuites
Crew Quarters
Recreational Facilities
Umbilical Docking Port
Secondary Reactor
Impulse Deuterium Storage
Deuterium Pumps and Flow Pods
Impulse Engines

Deck Six
Sensor Probe Launcher
Sensor Probe Storage
Main Sensor Access
Passenger Quarters
Crew Quarters
Transporter Room Four
Main Computer Core
Waste Management
Cargo Bay

Deck Seven
Secondary Computer System
Pulse-Fire Torpedo Launchers
Primary Torpedo Storage
Main Reactor
Main Engineering
Aft Standard Torpedo Launcher
EW Drone Storage
Countermeasures Launcher
Ventral Port/Starboard Nacelle Phaser Arrays

Deck Eight
Forward Standard Torpedo Launcher
Secondary Torpedo Storage
Replicator Raw-Matter Storage
Mosquito DS Ammunition Storage

Deck Nine
Forward Ventral Tractor Emitter
Forward Ventral Phaser Array
Main Tractor Beam Controls
Replicator Raw-Matter Storage

Secondary Hull

Deck One

Deflector Systems
Long-Range Sensors

Deck Two
Deflector Systems
Deflector Control
Long-Range Sensors

Deck Three
Deflector Systems
Long-Range Sensors
Aft Ventral Tractor Emitter

Composed by Aaron MacRae, with the assistance of Richard Woodcock; based on Steamrunner-class starhip, property of Paramount. Used without permission, for the personal use of the composer and the other players on the USS CHILLICOTHE-A, in GYPSY FLEET, solely.

This technical readout does not attempt to represent, in any way, the actual layout of the Steamrunner-class starship. It is nothing more than a fictitious interpretation, with a great deal of speculation and improvisation, intended to be a useful reference to the players of the USS CHILLICOTHE-A.

No copyright infringement was intended.

Last updated Sunday, May 5th, 2002.
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